Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Abbotsford Plumbing can help you install or maintain water tanks on your property. Water tanks have long been a necessity in rural areas but have increased in popularity even in urban areas as populations increase with water usage and a declining annual rainfall.

NSW Rainwater Tank Rebate The NSW government is offering a rebate to help households who install a rainwater tank with a capacity larger than 2,000L. There is an additional rebate for connecting the tank to the toilet or washing machine. The offer is only for existing homes.

Australia is the driest inhabited continent and predictions are that the future is likely to get hotter and drier. So it’s all the more frightening that, per person, we’re the biggest water consumers in the world.

But drinking water is scarce. Of all the water in the world, only 1% is fresh water available for use. So it’s hard to justify that we waste so much of this precious resource on things that don’t really require good drinking water. Garden irrigation and toilet flushing, for example, apparently guzzle up around half the water we consume.

Using rainwater for these things, or recycled grey water from our baths and laundries, would make much more sense.

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