Why are my taps dripping and what can I do?2024-06-21T10:49:04+10:00

A dripping tap is often caused by a worn-out washer or seal inside the tap body. Over time, these parts can deteriorate due to constant use, wear or mineral deposits in the water. To fix this, you can try replacing the washer or the seal yourself if you’re comfortable with basic DIY plumbing. Alternatively, contacting a professional plumber is advised to ensure the issue is resolved correctly. Dripping taps not only waste water, but can also lead to higher water bills if left untreated.

Why is my toilet leaking and what can be done about it?2024-06-21T10:48:54+10:00

A leaking toilet can have several possible causes. It could be due to a faulty outlet seal under the toilet base, a loose or damaged inlet valve, a cracked cistern, or a worn outlet valve. To identify and fix the issue:

  1. Inspect for visible leaks: Check around the base of the toilet, the tank, and the connections for any signs of water.
  2. Check the toilet components:
    • Outlet seal: If the leak is around the base, and appears only when flushed the outlet seal may need to be replaced.
    • Inlet or outlet valve: If the leak is inside the tank (continuous running water sound), the inlet valve or outlet valve might need adjustment or replacement.

Addressing a leaking toilet promptly not only prevents water wastage but also avoids potential damage to flooring and surrounding structures.

Why doesn’t the water drain properly in the bathroom sink?2024-06-21T10:50:36+10:00

Poor drainage in a bathroom sink is typically caused by a blockage somewhere in the drain system. Here are a few steps you can take to address this issue: 

  1. Check the sink drain: Remove the sink plug or drain cover and inspect for any visible debris or hair that may be obstructing the drain. 
  2. Use a plunger: Sometimes, using a plunger can help dislodge minor clogs in the drain pipe. Ensure there is enough water in the sink to cover the plunger, then plunge vigorously several times. 
  3. Try a drain cleaner: Use a commercial drain cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to dissolve any organic matter causing the blockage. Follow the instructions on the product carefully. * If the pipe is completely blocked do not try this option. 
  4. Check the trap: The trap under the sink may be clogged with debris. Place a bucket underneath to catch water, then unscrew the trap and clean it out thoroughly. 
  5. Ventilation: In some cases, inadequate ventilation in the drain system can cause slow drainage. Ensure the vent pipe connected to your plumbing system is clear and functioning properly. 
  6. Call a plumber if necessary: If these DIY methods don’t resolve the issue, it may indicate a more serious blockage deeper in the plumbing system. A professional plumber can use specialized tools to locate and clear the blockage effectively. 

Addressing drainage issues promptly can prevent water backups and potential damage to your plumbing system. 

What can you do for a blocked/clogged drain?2024-06-21T10:46:25+10:00

Each job and situation is unique, so the method we use depends on the specific blockage. We have a variety of tools to handle blocked drains, including high-pressure jet blasters, drainage rods, and electric eels. Additionally, we can utilize drain cameras and equipment to pinpoint and diagnose the cause of the blockage, taking the guesswork out of it.

What is your standard response time?2024-06-21T10:45:43+10:00

Our response times can vary depending on the urgency of the issue and our current workload. For emergency plumbing situations like burst pipes or severe leaks, we aim to be at your location within a few hours or less. For non-urgent issues such as routine repairs or installations, we typically schedule appointments based on availability, which can range from later the same day to a few days out. Please let us know the specifics of your situation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs promptly.

Can you fix most plumbing problems on the spot or do you need to return?2024-06-21T10:45:29+10:00

It depends on the specific problem and its complexity. For many common plumbing issues like clogged drains, minor leaks, or tap repairs, we can often fix them on the spot during our initial visit. We carry a range of tools and commonly needed parts to address these issues efficiently.

However, for more complex issues that require specialized parts or extensive repairs, we may need to schedule a follow-up visit. This ensures that we have the necessary equipment and materials to complete the job properly and to your satisfaction.
When you contact us, we’ll assess the situation and provide you with a clear plan of action, including whether we can resolve the issue immediately or if a return visit will be necessary.

Our goal is to minimize inconvenience and restore your plumbing system to full functionality as quickly as possible.

Do you offer a guarantee?2024-06-21T10:45:07+10:00

At Abbotsford Plumbing, our goal is to exceed your expectations with the expertise of our highly skilled tradesmen. We stand by our service with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We source all our products from reputable companies like Reece, Just Bathroom Ware (Drummoyne) and Cass Brothers (Petersham), ensuring they come with manufacturers’ warranties.