Drains and Sewers

Drains and Sewers

Pipes and Leaks


Leaking pipes can get out of control fast, spraying water can cause significant damage. Even if a slow leak does not get worse a prolonged leakage of water can be expensive and leaking sewerage can contaminate the local ground water causing serious health issues.

At Abbotsford Plumbing we:

  • Detect the leak
  • Isolate its location
  • Analyse the solution
  • Make the repair

Water conservations and sanitary pipes make sense. Whether planning or upgrading Abbotsford can help.


When a pipe repairs or replacement is required Abbotsford will install copper, PVC or other appropriate piping or re line your existing pipes.

For new installations Abbotsford Plumbing have the solution and service to meet your needs.

Backflow prevention with annual testing to ensure that you meet regulatory guidelines is also a service that Abbotsford offer. Where repairs are required or a new backflow prevention installation is required Abbotsford can help.

Commercial Water Conditioning for businesses that require cleaner water, and less wear and tear on capital equipment using water is an additiona service also.

Preventative Maintenance that includes customised programs that are designed to maintain your plumbing systems and check that your hot water and drains are always in working order.