Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Abbotsford Plumbing offer professional home renovation plumbing advice and services to assist with your home improvement project.

Our team of plumbers can be assigned to assist with home renovation plumbing projects. They complete a range of bathroom and kitchen renovation projects and can be contracted to work on your home renovation plumbing projects too.

If you’re updating kitchen or bathrooms taps and fittings or installing a new kitchen or bathroom, our Home Renovation Plumbing Team can help.

Home Renovation Plumbing for the Kitchen and Bathroom Projects

We can complete the following Home Renovation Plumbing for your project:

  • Assist in the planning stages for the project
  • Completing home renovation plumbing for re modelling of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Fitting required water lines, fixtures and appliances for a new bathroom or kitchen
  • Installing home renovation plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom
  • Completing plumbing for your bathroom replacement
  • Fitting plumbing fixtures
  • Appliance and equipment recommendations

For further information about our Home Renovation Plumbing Team or individual home projects, contact us.


Abbotsford Plumbing can supply and install colorbond and zincalenie roofing.

Guttering and Down Piping

Abbotsford Plumbing can supply and install new gutters and downpipes. We also provide maintenance and repairs.

Rain Water Tanks

Abbotsford Plumbing can supply and install all rain waters tanks, pumps, first flush devices and all associated pipe work.