Continuous Flow Hot Water

Continuous Flow Hot Water

These compact, gas instantaneous or continuous flow water heater have strong advantages over conventional tank water heaters.

No tanks – instead, it heats the water when you need it – instantly. Ideal in homes and units where space is at a premium.

Hot and Strong – your will never run out of hot water. With an appropriate sized unit you can enjoy non-stop hot water – morning, noon and night.

An Efficient Solution

Often a continuous flow water heaters will be cheaper to run than conventional systems for same usage as there is no requirement keep heating the water in the tank 24/7

On demand means you only pay to heat the water when you use it. Not only can it be more cost effective but it can have a less harmful impact on the environment.

Temperature Control

Choose your desired water temperature. Using temperature controllers – you can choose your desired temperature:

  • Between 37°C and 50°C in the bathroom to reduce risk of scalding, and
  • Up to 60°C for the kitchen and laundry where you may need hotter water temperatures.

Abbotsford Plumbing installs all the leading brands of continuous flow water heaters, these include Rinnai and Rheem.

Commercial Installations

Abbotsford Plumbing also include a range of sophisticated continuous flow hot water systems that suit restaurants, hotels and other large users of hot water.

With the best systems, warranties and our 40 years plus experience, Abbotsford Plumbing offer a trustworthy package. Your satisfaction is assured.