Toilet Plumbing

Toilet Plumbing

A blocked toilet is an emergency, one that should be addressed quickly and where possible have the cause explored and resolved.

At Abbotsford Plumbing we can solve your toilet issues fast, and when the cause is more complex than a simple block at the first u-bend we can help.

Our technology can effectively go deeper to diagnose your sewer line, clear any more serious blockages and clean the lines. Further work may involve re-lining the pipe or replacement. Whatever the issue and resolution Abbotsford Plumbing can solve the problem.

For less critical toilet issues such as the maintenance of your flushing system we can typically perform by replacement or some manual adjustment.

If your problem is a leak it be an early warning. If un attended it could get worse and become more expense to resolve. It can be a timely action to have unresolved leaks checked and fixed early.

Often systems can be replaced and more water efficient cisterns used. This can reduce your water consumption dramatically and lower your environmental impact.

At Abbotsford Plumbing we can help with suggestions and advice, all backed up by a signed, written warranty.